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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Infrastructure Bonds - FAQ

1.  IS it mandatory to have demat account for investing in Infrastructure Bonds?

Demat account is not mandatory. You need to submit the following documents for applying Infrastructure  bonds WITHOUT demat account -
1) Signed copy of PAN card
2) Signed copy of address proof doc

2.  Can you please tell me about the upcoming infrastructure bonds with the probable openning dates ?

Dates as well as issue offer details will only be known when the bonds are actually launched. So there is no website which can provide these details in advance 

3.  Is the interest earned from the Infrastructure bond tax-free?

Infrastructure bonds may not attract TDS – the interest itself is not tax – free. It’s only the Rs. 20,000 you get reduced from your taxable income that helps save tax.

4.  What is maximum investment allow to Tax benefit under 80CCF & 80C?

It is Rs. 20,0000 limit under section 80 CCF.  Rs. 1 Lacks under section 80C ( Mutual Fund ELSS, Insurance Premium, NSC, PPF etc...). It's  additional benefit . Infra Bonds Amount not club in your 80C investment. 

5.  What is maximum investment allow to Tax benefit?

It is Rs. 20,0000 limit under 80CCF
        Rs. 100,000  limit under 80C
You can invest 1 lac + 20 k = 1.20 Lac

6.  I don't have Demat account Can I invest in Infra Bonds?

Yes You  can Buy without D'mat A/c
Submit Document below document with offline form
1. Pan Card Photo Copy
2. Cancelled cheque
3.  Address Proof Photo Copy

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