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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fast Money -MLM Marketing Is it Short Cut or ....?

There is no easy way, to make, easy money. Its either fake or illegal or cheat you.

MLM Marketing IDEa  How its works

  • Some of your friend would introduce you to an "amazing" business opportunity. No mention of "How". Only words like "Hardwork , Seriousness, commitment etc.
  • You get excited, he will fix up a meeting at Public place 
  • Sale you dream like New luxury Car,  New Posh Flat  (Company not afford their own Register Office, but you can buy luxury car, flat etc. easily )
  • When you ask more he would tell you, the seniors will discuss with you. Meeting will arrange at good hotel or halls.
  • Next that senior comes. He will spend 2 hr to explain about their company , how much they are earning. 
  • Product part : They explain about their product. They sell unique product not easily available in Market. Made for specially for them. Margin is very high. 
    • Where is factory ? - you don't find out
    • R & D  - ???? 
  • You may invest 10,000 to 10 lakh to earn crores. There is some CAP, but they won't clearly explain you.
  • Did you ask for Risk factor - More you delay , more you loose. Jump in NOW.
  • Result : If you are lucky : You lost enterpreneurship opportunity to become your own boss, to become partner not Salesman.
Some fact about MLM  Marketing

  • Simply put business - Purchase a product for X and sell it for X+Y. Y is your profit.
    • Can they explain you what is X and Y here?
    • Here money is coming from other partners not from customers.(If  I sell this product to you then I earn money from your pocket & you also make money after joining your new member then you also earn their pocket)
    • Simple nothing sale anything only my skill to convince big pocket friends, brothers , sisters to make fool
  • Why don't they sell products to end users? After all, organization would make money from outside not inside.
  • Example they give you : 
    • you get 2 partners after a month they will get 2 more and so on. End of year 8000+ Partners
    • Suppose only 50% success rate it would be only 12 partners out 8000, not 4000 .
    • If I refer 2 persons, if only 1 of them work, the whole tree branch is lost. Similarly so on..
    • End of 3 year you would reach 68 Billion persons. With 99% failure rate too, you will have 0.6 billion person.
    • INDIA'S Population = 1 Billion. What about 68 Billion persons.??????
    • Even if your Brother, Sister Friends was successful, that does not mean you will. Only first few levels will be successful rest will be doomed.
    • BEWARE of motivational material, youtube videos, text, success stories.
    • Do your research before investing.
    • In any case take your time. Remember when you purchase your flat, car how long you research for investing in your Flat , New car.
    • More you late, more you research. 
    • It is simply a question of identifying who is the fool here, the one who is offering you this scheme or you who knows that earning money was never easy and this shortcut will solve all your problems in a shot.
Math and Common Sense

MLMs work by geometric expansion, where you get ten to sponsor ten to sponsor ten, and so on. This is usually shown as an expanding matrix (just don't say "pyramid"!) with corresponding kick-backs at various levels.

The problem here is one of common sense. At a mere three levels deep this would be 1,000 people. There goes the neighborhood! At six levels deep, that would be 1,000,000 people believing they can make money selling. But to whom? There goes the city! And the MLM is just getting its steam going. Think of all the meetings! Think of all the "dreams" being sold! Think of the false hopes being generated. Think of the money being lost.

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