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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Product Details- DSP BR US Flexible Equity Fund

DSP BR Mutual Fund  launch new open-ended Fund of Fund - DSP BR US Flexible Equity Fund. The fund will give Indian investors access to US equities by predominantly investing in the BlackRock Global Funds- US Flexible Equity Fund.

Scheme Features

NFO Open Date  :  17 July 2012

NFO Close Date  :  30 July 2012

Name of Fund     :  DSP BR US Flexible Equity Fund

Type of Fund      :  Open ended fund of funds scheme investing in a US Equity Fund

Entry Load          :    Nil

Exit Load              :  For holding period from the date of allotment 
                                      < 12 months  : 1 % :   > 12 month  Nil

Min Investment :   Rs. 5000 

Option                    :   Growth ,  Dividend Payout , Dividend Reinvest

DSP BR US Flexible Equity Fund Presentation - Download here

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