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Monday, April 29, 2013

Scotts IPO issue extended till 3 may 2013

Today Scotts IPO last day , but issue is not subscribe fully, so extended till 3 may 2013.
The IPO market remained subdued due to weak investment demand arising from the slowdown in overall economic growth, persistent inflation and high fiscal and current account deficits. Many IPOs listed during 2012-13 are currently trading below their issue price.  Negative returns on IPO investments have adversely affected investor sentiments. 

Scotts Garment Limited IPO which was scheduled to close today, has been now extended till 3rd May 2013.

Also note that price band has been revised from (Rs. 130 - Rs. 132)  to(Rs.118 – Rs. 120)

Latest Figure 5 PM Scotts Garment IPO

BSE    0.1553   time subscribe      1,631,700    no of share bid 
NSE   0.10       time subscribe      1,008,800    no of share bid

No of share offer by company      10,506,954
Total No of share share bid for      2,640,500

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